for being a Member-Owner of the rural electric network in Missouri. Together, we power more than 700,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in our state.

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Missouri Electric Cooperatives work to ensure federal safety regulations are followed which address the unique circumstances of electric cooperatives. More importantly, we work with our Member-Owners and communities to provide training and information so that we all are safe around electricity.

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Efficiency programs at the national, state, and local levels like energy audits for your home and alternative energy sources let Missouri's Electric Cooperatives help you to save money in your budgets.

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Regardless if the issues being debated are in Washington, D.C., Jefferson City, or in one of our more than forty local service areas, Missouri's Electric Cooperatives will be there to defend access to affordable and reliable energy in rural Missouri. Plus, we will keep you informed every step along the way!

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    Power Line Safety Reminders from Crawford Electric

    Can you imagine an electrical flash that burns hotter than the surface of the sun? What if we told you that the source of that heat was all around you — and more specifically, right above you? Power Line SafetyPower lines play a crucial role in how your Missouri Electric Cooperatives deliver electricity to you in rural Missouri, but power lines can also be incredibly dangerous.   Read More

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    The National Electric Code (NEC) in Missouri

    When it comes to electrical safety, the National Electrical Code — or NEC — is the nationally recognized standard. The 1,000-page document is published every three years, and it’s up to states or local jurisdictions whether to adopt the code and how to enforce it.Does Missouri Adopt and Enforce the National Electrical Code?Generally speaking, states chose one of three options: 1) they adopt the NEC as state law and enforce the law statewide, 2) they only adopt and enforce the NEC at the loc...  Read More

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    Four Steps to Restoring Power After an Electrical Outage

    Video Credit: NRECAWhen the power goes out in Missouri, you know that your rural Electric Cooperatives step into action. But have you ever wondered exactly what happens behind the scenes in order to get your lights back on?In this post, we’ll share the four main steps that your local Cooperative takes when it restores your power after an electrical outage. Before we explain those steps, though, let’s talk for a minute about how your Cooperative gets power to you, our Member-Owners.Fr...  Read More

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