for being a Member-Owner of the rural electric network in Missouri. Together, we power more than 700,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in our state.

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Missouri Electric Cooperatives work to ensure federal safety regulations are followed which address the unique circumstances of electric cooperatives. More importantly, we work with our Member-Owners and communities to provide training and information so that we all are safe around electricity.

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Efficiency programs at the national, state, and local levels like energy audits for your home and alternative energy sources let Missouri's Electric Cooperatives help you to save money in your budgets.

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Regardless if the issues being debated are in Washington, D.C., Jefferson City, or in one of our more than forty local service areas, Missouri's Electric Cooperatives will be there to defend access to affordable and reliable energy in rural Missouri. Plus, we will keep you informed every step along the way!

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    How To Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

    Each year, 3,800 people die from drowning.Electric shock drowning occurs when an electric current escapes boats, docks and lights near marinas, shocking nearby swimmers. There are no visible signs of current seeping into water, which makes this a hidden danger. The electric shock paralyzes swimmers, making them unable to swim to safety.Your Missouri electric cooperatives shares important electrical safety tips for:SwimmersNever swim near a boat or launching ramp.   Read More

  • Don’t Waste. Insulate!

    Properly insulating your home reduces heating and cooling costs, and improves comfort. R-values measure a material’s resistance to conductive heat flow. The higher the R-value rating, the greater the effectiveness of the insulation.   Read More

  • Important Electricity Terms to Know

    As valued Member-Owners, Missouri Electric Cooperatives strive to provide stellar service in all aspects of our work for you. From our lineworkers out in the field to our team in offices across Missouri, we work hard so you don’t have to worry about what it takes to shine light and power your electronics or equipment in your homes and businesses.We believe in educating our Member-Owners to understand the technical aspects of your Cooperative’s service to rural areas in Missouri. Educ...  Read More

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