for being a Member-Owner of the rural electric network in Missouri. Together, we power more than 700,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in our state.

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Missouri Electric Cooperatives work to ensure federal safety regulations are followed which address the unique circumstances of electric cooperatives. More importantly, we work with our Member-Owners and communities to provide training and information so that we all are safe around electricity.

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Efficiency programs at the national, state, and local levels like energy audits for your home and alternative energy sources let Missouri's Electric Cooperatives help you to save money in your budgets.

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Regardless if the issues being debated are in Washington, D.C., Jefferson City, or in one of our more than forty local service areas, Missouri's Electric Cooperatives will be there to defend access to affordable and reliable energy in rural Missouri. Plus, we will keep you informed every step along the way!

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    What’s a Cooperative, Really?

    Maybe you’ve been a Member-Owner of a Cooperative for a long time, or maybe you’re brand new to your local Cooperative. No matter how long you’ve gotten your power from your Missouri Electric Cooperative, we’re willing to bet there are a few things you still don’t know about how your Cooperative is different from power companies in bigger cities. If you’ve ever wondered what a rural Electric Cooperative is, really, then this post is for you.The Big Difference:...  Read More

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    Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative Brings First Community Solar Array to Missouri

    Missouri’s Electric Cooperatives serve rural areas across the state, but that doesn’t mean that your Cooperatives lag in technology or renewable energy generation. In fact, Cooperatives like Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative (PCEC) lead the way in green power in Missouri, and not just among Cooperatives: PCEC was the first power utility in the state to build a community solar array.Making Renewable History in Missouri  When PCEC’s solar array was constructed in early 2015, it was one of the ...  Read More

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    Meet the Mascot: Willie Wiredhand

    Not many workers are still on the job when they turn 67, but Willie Wiredhand isn’t your ordinary employee. Willie is the long-time mascot of America’s rural Electric Cooperatives, and he’s been working hard for us since 1950. To celebrate Willie’s service, we’re going to look back at his birth, his life, and some highlights of his time with our national, state and local Cooperatives over the last 67 years. 1950: A Mascot is Born The nation's first Electric Cooperatives were established in ...  Read More

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