for being a Member-Owner of the rural electric network in Missouri. Together, we power more than 700,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in our state.

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Missouri Electric Cooperatives work to ensure federal safety regulations are followed which address the unique circumstances of electric cooperatives. More importantly, we work with our Member-Owners and communities to provide training and information so that we all are safe around electricity.

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Efficiency programs at the national, state, and local levels like energy audits for your home and alternative energy sources let Missouri's Electric Cooperatives help you to save money in your budgets.

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Regardless if the issues being debated are in Washington, D.C., Jefferson City, or in one of our more than forty local service areas, Missouri's Electric Cooperatives will be there to defend access to affordable and reliable energy in rural Missouri. Plus, we will keep you informed every step along the way!

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    What are Capital Credits?

    Your Missouri Electric Cooperative’s first job is to provide you with reliable, safe, affordable electricity. As a nonprofit organization, though, we do more for you than just power your home, farm, or business affordably and reliably. When we’re able to do so, we put cash back into your pocket, too.Your local Cooperative is owned and governed by you, its Member-Owners, so when there’s margin at the end of the year after bills have been paid and investments have been made, you ...  Read More

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    Digital Devices Impact Energy Use

    By Tom TateAh, the Digital Age. We have gadgets galore, the ability to manage our homes in new and innovative ways, brilliant images and captivating sounds of modern entertainment options and of course, the internet. Clearly, digital devices reign supreme.   Read More

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    A cooperative career

    I’ve always believed that electric cooperatives are the best place in the world to work. Now, it would seem, is the best time ever to start a cooperative career.That’s because electric cooperatives nationwide are seeing an unprecedented turnover in their workforce. In the next five years, electric cooperatives could be hiring replacements for 14,400 retiring employees.That trend holds true in Missouri as well.   Read More

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