Keeping Electricity Reliable, Safe, and Affordable in Missouri

Your Electric Cooperatives are hard at work keeping electricity reliable, safe, and affordable in Missouri so that you, for you, our Member-Owners. When we’re doing our job well, you don’t have to think about where your electricity comes from. Have you ever wondered, though, where your Cooperative gets the energy it takes for your to run your air conditioner in the summer months or to bake your turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

Nearly 70% of your Cooperative’s energy comes from baseload resources like coal and gas, but Missouri’s Electric Cooperatives rely on clean energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, too. In fact, it’s that diversity that makes it possible for us to provide you with the safe, reliable, and affordable energy you’ve come to expect from us.

While you’re keeping your home cool on a summer day, we’re taking care of your needs behind the scenes. When you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, we’re making sure you’ve got a warm house for the holiday. This chart from Associated Electric Cooperative illustrates exactly how much of your Missouri Electric Cooperative’s energy comes from coal, gas, wind, and hydroelectric power.

Source: AECI Overview PowerPoint

68 percent of Missouri’s electric power comes from coal, with another twelve percent sourced from wind energy and natural gas, each. Eight percent of your Missouri Electric Cooperative’s power is sourced from hydroelectric power plants, and while this chart doesn’t reflect it, your Missouri Electric Cooperatives get energy from solar power, too.

By pulling your power from a diverse array of sources, your Cooperative is able to provide reliable power, even at peak-use times of the day and during peak-use seasons of the year. This means that you, our Member-Owners, can go about your day-to-day lives without having to wonder if you’ll have power outages or if your bill will skyrocket.

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