This App Will Track Your Home Electricity Use in Real Time

Have you ever wished that you could see exactly how much electricity your family uses on any given day? A startup in Canada wants to help you do exactly that. Stumply aims to help families like yours track your home energy and water consumption in real time, making it easier to manage your utility bills.

Though it’s still in beta testing, the Stumply app, created by Xiroji, could change the way you manage your home electricity use. According to Stumply’s website, the app will monitor your power usage, send you reminders when your utility bills are due, and deliver “personal tips on how to find savings and use less.”

Stumply’s founders hope that the app will be helpful in two big ways. First, the app will help individual families to manage their utility bills and expenses. Second, it will help families understand their energy expenditures in a way that will reduce overall societal electricity waste.

How Stumply Can Save You Money
Stumply wants to help make your utility bills easier to pay and your utility costs easier to anticipate. The app will send you notifications ten days before your utility bill is due, and again on your due date. It will also forecast your home’s estimated monthly power and water bills based on your current usage. These forecasts will help you to anticipate your utility bill expenses before the bills ever arrive.

Using Stumply to Budget Your Electricity Use
In addition to helping you predict your utility costs, Stumply can also warn you when your family approaches a level of energy consumption that exceeds what you hope to pay on that month’s electricity bill. You can tell Stumply how much you expect your electricity bill to be, and it will send notifications to your mobile device if you need to turn off a few lights to stick to your family’s energy budget.

An Energy App for the Environment
Stumply’s goal isn’t just to help your family manage its utilities expenses. The app’s founders want the app to change the way you understand and use electric power. Ultimately, Stumply hopes that by providing you with a real-time energy management tool, you’ll reduce energy waste, lowering your family’s carbon footprint.

“Stumply is not just a tool for tracking your home’s energy and water usage” the site says. “It’s a platform with a social cause — changing the way we as a society understand our resource usage, one meter read at a time.”

You can learn more about Stumply in this article or on the company’s website. In the meantime, please keep learning more about how your Missouri Electric Cooperatives work together to provide safe, efficient energy to rural Missouri by following us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


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