Take Control & Save on Your Electricity Bill

As a Member-Owner of a Missouri Electric Cooperative, you have access to a collection of energy-savings advice that can help your home or business save energy and money. These tips and tools are part of Take Control & Save: a website operated by Associated Electric as a service to Cooperative Member-Owners across the state.

Saving Energy Means Saving Money
Take Control & Save is designed to help you use energy more efficiently, creating significant cost savings for your home, farm, or business. The site can help you find ways to save on your residential and business electricity expenses through everything from energy audits and smarter light bulbs to advice on heating and cooling your home.

Did you know, for instance, that changing the filter on your air conditioner lower your unit’s energy consumption by as much as 15 percent (source)?

Saving Enough Energy to Power Residential Springfield
Each year, more Missouri Electric Cooperative Member-Owners are using Take Control & Save, but if all of our Member-Owners followed the recommendations on Take Control & Save, we could power about 96,000 homes for a year with the energy we’d save. That’s enough electricity to power all of the residential properties in a city the size of Springfield!

To find out how you can take control of your energy use and start saving, contact your local electric cooperative and visit www.TakeControlAndSave.coop.

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